La Rete Museale della Citta Metropolitana di Catania


Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily in 1943


It is an educational-immersive museum dedicated to the memory of the war event that led Italy to liberation from the Nazi occupation and the fascist dictatorship.

Visiting days

From 1 January to 31 December
Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (last admission 3.00 pm)

Every Monday and on the following holidays:
January 1 - New Year's Day, February 5 –Saint Agata’s Day, Easter Day, May 1 - Labor Day,August 15, November 1 - All Saints Day, December 25 – Christmas Day.

The museum is open on the following bank holidays:
  • 6 January, Epifania Day
  • 25 April, Liberation Day
  • June 2, Republic Day
  • December 8, Immaculate Conception Day
  • December 26, Saint Stephen’s Day

Calendar of opening times – closing and opening times may vary. Visitors are kindly invited to wait for confirmation before their visit by calling 095.4011929 and / or consulting the press releases by clicking here. For reservations and information you can call No. 095 401 1929 or send an e-mail to:

Tourist Information Point (Via Etnea, 63, Catania)
Ph.No. 095 40114070

U.R.P. Public Relations Office (via Etnea, 67)
Ph.No. 095.4011502 / 18 and toll-free number 800551485


FULL ticket € 4.00

REDUCED ticket € 2.00
for the following types of visitors:

  • Groups of students over 25 units accompanied by their teachers;
  • Groups over 25 units;
  • Visitors over the age of 6 and under;
  • Visitors over the age of 65;
  • Armed forces, after showing their identification card;
  • University students, after showing their registration papers;
  • Members of ARCI, ACLI, AICS, CAI, ENDAS, Italian Touring Club;
  • Visitors supporting promotional initiatives related to conventions or marketing operations in the cultural, sports and tourism sectors.

FREE ticket for the following types of visitors:

  • Tourist guides and interpreters, in the practise of their professional activity, upon showing a license issued by the competent authority;
  • Teachers accompanying school classes or groups of students;
  • Staff from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity;
  • Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM);
  • Visitors under the age of 6;
  • Handicapped persons and their caretaker;
  • Magistrates and judicial police forces in the execution of their duties;
  • Press representatives after showing their professional card.

IThe Museum is located in Piazzale Rocco Chinnici / Viale Africa, at the "Le Ciminiere" Exhibition Center, about one kilometer from the Catania seafront and the old town.
It can be reached by motor vehicles of the urban and extra-urban network, from the port and the airport. It is located near the Central Railway Station and the Bus terminus of buses that connect the city to a number of metropolitan, regional and national municipalities.

Via Nuovaluce 67a, Tremestieri Etneo (CT)


Ph. No.: 095.4011929

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History and seat

The 1943 Landing Museum in Sicily was established by the Catania Metropolitan City , formerly a Regional Province (Council act n.720, 2000).

The construction works have been entrusted to Architect Gasparre Mannoia.


The Museum extends over an area of about 3000 square meters and is located inside “Le Ciminiere” exhibition center, an agglomeration of sulfur refineries from the '70s, which have been restored on the purpose of protection and enhancement, on the initiative of Catania Regional Province (now a Metropolitan City), from the plan by architect Giacomo Leone.

They are the result of the addition of newly designed modern structures, wisely reminiscent of the shapes, materials and volumes of the time, to the remains of the original 'factory'. Their realization has given a new function to this archaeological - industrial site, a symbol of one of the brightest moments of Catania’s economic history. The result is a location for cultural events and conferences, but also for temporary exhibitions (Art Gallery and Vintage Radio Show / Romeo Collection), permanent exhibitions (Permanent exhibition of Ancient maps of Sicily / La Gumina Collection) and museum sites (Historical Museum of the landing in Sicily in 1943 and the Cinema Museum).

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The Museum

Inaugurated in December 2002, in its museological ratio, it is an educational Museum conceived as a place to preserve and increase the appreciation of the memories of the 'Battle of Sicily', which started the liberation of Sicily but also of the rest of Italy from the Nazi occupation and the fascist dictatorship.

On 10 July 1943, while the Western part of Sicily was “easily occupied”, British and Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders landed on the South-eastern part, on the shores of Gela, Licata, Noto, Augusta and Portopalo, meeting "the clash of the German armed resistance "(D. Mack Smith).

The exhibited collections, introduced togheter with further purchases during the exhibition phase, were then increased with donations from private individuals, from Italian organizations and from the Canadian Army as well as with loans from cultural and military institutions such as the Military District of Catania, the Fortress of Augusta, the Italian Red Cross, the Catania State Archives, the Municipal Historical Archives of Caltagirone and Paternò.

In 2013 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Landing there was the “Phil Stern, Sicily 1943's exhibition”.

Movies, photographs, testimonies, weapons, uniforms, vintage items, maps, newspapers, reconstructions of 'full immersion' environments ( a small square with shops, the “Casa del Fascio”, an anti-aircraft shelter, a bunker, some bombed out civilian buildings), reproductions of ordinary life at the front, (a surgery hut, the contacts through the transceiver, the eating of the mess) and the protagonists of the events modeled in wax by English masters (FD Roosevelt, W. Churchill, Vittorio Emanuele III, B. Mussolini, A. Hitler, General G. Castellano and Commander Bedell Smith inside the tent that welcomed them to sign the Armistice at Cassibile on September 3, 1943) they all document the stages of the advance of the allied troops and the sequence of clashes in Catania, Messina, Palermo, Agira, Floridia, Troina and other areas. The Museum itinerary ends with a view of the English Cemetery located at the gates of Catania, where the remains of the fallen are resting: their names are listed on a monitor next to a bronze sculpture.

Since 2017, the Museum’s exhibition room has been enriched by the ' Phil Stern' Hall, a 500 square meters hall consisting of more than 70 photographic images created by Phil Stern (1919 - 2013). As a war correspondent for the US military, Stern documented the landing operations held between 9 and 10 July 1943 in Licata and then the life of the common people in the cities and in the villages, the victims of the war and the cities devastated by the bombing.

At the end of the second world war, he became a famous photo-artist of politicians and of the most famous personalities of the American star system.

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Activities and Services
General services

Visitors services: reception, information and reservations, questionnaires, complaints, reports and suggestions; ticket office, brochures, catalogue for sale, explanation of the exhibition itinerary in Italian and English with guided tour, guide to the Virtual Museum System / Museum itineraries of the territory, collection of applications for the authorization of photographic and cinematographic shooting.

Visitors tour

If the group's number unit exceeds ten units, booking is appreciated.

The number of admissible units for each visit is 25 persons.

Cultural assistance services

Integration to bibliographic, audiovisual, site and historical orientation and identification and deepening of the research paths already provided by the teachers for students of all levels and schools, university students, students of Fine Arts Academies, Conservatories and University High Schools, undergraduates and trainees. The Service provides collaboration to scholars, researchers and specialists, as well as to cultural institutions and institutes. Consultation of the catalog and volumes and projections in the area of the thematic media-library, with booking service, from Tuesday to Friday morning. Access and assisted consultation to items stored in the photographic archive upon authorization.

Thematic media-library

In the thematic media-library established by Deliberation of the Provincial Council in 2005, there are general texts on the Second World War, that range, as regards to scientific rigor, from works by academics and historians of known fame up to research results by fans of local news.

The Library includes a Literary and Memorial Section, including a collection of diaries and letters of direct witnesses to the Landing and the war in Sicily.


There is no loan service

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